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Learn How to Wander off the Beaten Path

Travel is about new experiences and meeting new people. It broadens our horizons and opens our minds to new ideas. It’s a way to go back in time or live out stories from our childhood. Does this sound like something you want? Come explore the road with me, Donnamarie, and I will help you achieve these dreams.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

You are probably thinking:

But I don’t have that kind of money.

I can’t get that much time off from work.

What about my kids?

I used to envy my friends who were always talking about their exciting tropical island cruises. We have a long bucket list of all the places we’d love to see. But the reality is that our list is bigger than our budget.

While traveling the world takes time and money, you can still have many travel experiences with little expense or time. Just wander off the beaten path.

Explore the road with me and I will show you how to plan incredible road trips, create foreign experiences at home, and find off the beaten path activities and destinations close by. You can pack a lot into a long weekend or a date night to experience travel.

Now our friends envy us when I recount our trips and mid week date nights. Who knows, you may want to invite them to come along for even more fun.

Hear what people are saying about Explore the Road with Donnamarie

Wow, I didn’t know there were so many great places for families with children in South Florida!

Carol. C.

Virtual travel has helped to see new places but also keep that wanderlust at bay. I like the idea of learning about cocktails or wine as a virtual experience. Don’t have to worry about drinking and driving! 

Linda H.

What a fun thing to do having Oktoberfest at home. Your blog had some fab German-inspired recipes which sound delicious! I certainly picked up some knowledge about the origin of Oktoberfest too.