shows two bottles of South African wine from the Spier wine farm

South African Wine: An Amazing Must Do Virtual Experience

paid link Photos in this post are from Manfred’s virtual tour and are used to complement the information gathered from his narrative. Since we couldn’t travel to South Africa to visit their wine regions we decided to bring those regions to us. We visited with Manfred virtually through Zoom and learned about the history and […]

Spooky Halloween Cocktails: Make Your Friends Jealous

Dan and I created these spooky Halloween cocktails to serve to your friends for your next Halloween gathering whether virtual or in person. Halloween sweets, treats, and more have arrived on Amazon! paid link Spooky Halloween Cocktails #1: Almond Bliss In short, we came up with this one by mistake. While making a chocolate martini […]

map of medieval Dubrovnik

Medieval Dubrovnik : Explore tales of violence and forbidden romance

We join Marija on a virtual tour of the dark tales of medieval Dubrovnik. Our journey begins over 500 years ago when Dubrovnik was known as the Republic of Ragusa, 400 years before Napoleon took over. Marija will tell stories of romance, political intrigue, violence, and death. During the medieval times noble families would only […]

Octoberfest: Plan your Exciting Festivities at home

We miss the Octoberfest festivities this year so we decided to have our own Octoberfest at home. We created this recipe based on German foods we have cooked in the past, added some music, and of course beer. Octoberfest Recipe: German Pork, Brats, and Kraut Ingredients 4 pack of Bratwurst or other German sausage 4 […]

Jack the Ripper: Take a Gruesome Journey into the Macabre

Visit the gruesome past of Jack the Ripper on this virtual tour of London with our host Jaime. Jaime is a writer and performer living in London. He has been studying serial killers and talking about them as well as discussing socioeconomic similarities between then and now for 7 years. Photos in this post are […]

Irish Whiskey: How to Drink it, a Virtual Experience

paid link Since we couldn’t actually go to Ireland, we decided to bring Ireland to us. We traveled through Zoom to learn about Irish Whiskey. Our host, John, began the session with introductions and asked everyone what they would be drinking during the tour. John sampled Jameson Black Barrel, The Legendary Dark Silkie, and Powers […]

shows a picture of Wright Brothers first flight as shown on America's Summer Road Trip

American Road Trip: The Ultimate Historical Guide

On August 1, 2020 I joined this virtual America’s Summer Road Trip hosted by The Pursuit of History. This organization is dedicated to the importance of understanding history and therefore organized this road trip to educate others. To continue learning check out History Camp Online. I have included some direct links as well as some […]

shows some lightly breaded pan fried fish

French Cuisine: How to create a Fabulous Meal at Home

If you can’t travel to France, then bring France to your home by cooking romantic French cuisine. First cook up some Pan Fried Fish with white asparagus. Of course, serve it with some white wine. Then set the mood with some music. We recommend French Cafe(paid link) by Putumayo Presents. However, if you do decide […]