South Shore Long Island, reasons to fall in love with these small towns

I grew up here on the South Shore of Long Island. I always loved the excitement of NYC, but as I get older I realize how much I love these small towns. In short, here are some of the places I returned to during a recent visit. Returning Home A few years ago, I went […]

Southern Soul Food Recipes, and How to Make Them

I looked at some menus at restaurants in the Memphis and Clarksdale areas where we had planned on eating during our Blues Road Trip to come up with these recipe ideas. I hope you enjoy these Southern Soul Food recipes. There were so many good foods I had to split these Southern recipes into two […]

Important People in Black History: Discover Where To Find Them

History is important for us to learn about the past to create a better future. Explore the road with me as we journey through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee to learn about important people in black history. Originally this was meant to be part of a larger road trip. We planned to begin in Florida and […]

Upstate New York Towns: My Favorites to Visit

I grew up on Long Island but fell in love with the mountains of upstate NY during family vacations. As a young adult, I spent 6 years living in rural western New York south of Rochester. This prompted me to write this post based on my love of these small upstate New York towns. I […]

Niagara Falls during the day

Discover the Power of Niagara Falls USA: Fall in Love

I have journeyed to Niagara Falls USA several times in my life and the roaring power of the water never ceases to amaze me. The first time I visited with my family as a teenager while looking at colleges in upstate NY towns. My second time I eloped with my first husband. I have been […]