Jack the Ripper: Take a Gruesome Journey into the Macabre

Visit the gruesome past of Jack the Ripper on this virtual tour of London with our host Jaime. Jaime is a writer and performer living in London. He has been studying serial killers and talking about them as well as discussing socioeconomic similarities between then and now for 7 years. Jack the Ripper crime scene […]

Spooky Halloween Cocktails: Make Your Friends Jealous

Dan and I created these spooky Halloween cocktails to serve to your friends for your next Halloween gathering whether virtual or in person. I recently decided to add a Halloween Charcuterie board as a party idea to serve with your spooky Halloween cocktails. I also added a creepy jello brain and some cookies for a […]

map of medieval Dubrovnik

Medieval Dubrovnik : Explore tales of violence and forbidden romance

The city Dubrovnik, is considered a world heritage site. The old town of medieval Dubrovnik was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 1979 because the walled city has retained the old city walls so well. What are some countries historically linked to Croatia? During the Roman times, Croatia was part of Pannonia and […]

homemade egg rolls with dipping sauce

How to Make Egg Rolls and Other Asian Appetizers

We recently bought a pasta maker and decided to try it out to make more than just Italian recipes. We love Asian appetizers so we figured why not use the pasta recipe for making egg rolls and potsticker dumplings. How to make egg rolls? It is basically like making a burrito but smaller. How to […]

shows a picture of Wright Brothers first flight as shown on America's Summer Road Trip

History Travel: The Ultimate American Road Trip

On August 1, 2020 I joined this virtual America’s Summer Road Trip hosted by The Pursuit of History. This organization is dedicated to the importance of understanding history and therefore organized this virtual road trip to educate others. While this show was a virtual trip, I wondered if it was possible to do it as […]