Best New Orleans Seafood: Serve it at Home

Are you craving the best New Orleans seafood? My husband and I love seafood. While we get our fish from Alaska and not the Gulf of Mexico, these recipes are modeled after Cajun seafood in New Orleans. “What is New Orleans seafood?” you ask. According to wikipedia, Cajun style cooking means cooking with local ingredients, […]

Shows a statue of three musicians on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Fun Things to do in New Orleans for Couples

New Orleans is mostly associated with Mardi Gras, women flashing their breasts for beads, and drunken debauchery. It was founded by the French before being ruled by the Spanish for 40 years. The U.S. purchased it in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. New Orleans has a rich history. It is because of this […]

shows the road to Sanibel from the passenger seat of a vehicle

Florida to New Orleans Road Trip: Hidden Pleasures

A few years ago, my husband, Dan and I took a South Florida to New Orleans road trip for our anniversary. Originally, we wanted to return to Las Vegas where we honeymooned, but due to family obligations we decided to try a road trip. We spent 11 days on our drive, but only 4 were […]

How to Make Easy Soul Food Recipes

The origins of soul food begin during slavery with the foods slaves were given by landowners to prepare for themselves. Of course, their cooking was heavily influenced by their African heritage. However, today it has become almost synonymous with Southern cooking. In addition, along the Mississippi, it has mingled with Cajun style cooking from New […]

How to Make Valentine Day Recipes for Two

Saint Valentine Day conjures up images of romantic dinners for two by candlelight with Barry White playing in the background to set the mood. Whatever images come to your mind, here are some Valentine Day recipes. In addition to Valentine Day recipes for dinner, I have also included romantic breakfast ideas. And what is more […]

Civil Rights Tour: Learn how to make a difference

Before the pandemic, my husband and I planned a civil rights tour from Florida up through Alabama and Mississippi. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go on the trip, but it got me thinking about some of the sights we planned on seeing. It also got me thinking of civil and human rights worldwide, which led […]