Eating Healthy While Traveling: How to Avoid Weight Gain

Have you offended your Aunt Mary because you wouldn’t have a heaping plate of eggplant parmesan after filling up on pasta and garlic bread? Do you cause gossip among coworkers for only ordering salads? Is your friend Jenny mad at you because you wouldn’t indulge in those margaritas with her in Cabo? Wait. Rewind. Were […]

Japanese Stone Garden: Introducing the Magic of Zen

Trickling water, the sound of bamboo clapping against each other, the wind whispering through the trees, ancient stones standing guard like samurai in a field of sand. These things bring a sense of peace in a Japanese stone garden. Traditionally, a Japanese stone garden is a type of a Zen garden, a place to promote […]

Introducing Amazing Spring Holidays: Celebrate Around the World

After the cold, harsh, winter season, we welcome spring with many spring celebrations. The new season is a time for new life, and many countries time their holidays to coincide with the spring season. Whether it is Greek traditions for Easter, or buying the best gifts for Mother’s Day in the U.S. we all have […]

Ideal Family Vacations: The Ultimate Guide to Beloved Childhood Destinations

I originally published these ideal family vacations on May 10, 2021. Initially I meant it as a tribute to nostalgic childhood vacations. However, I decided to update it to include ideal family vacations from the present as well. Hopefully it will inspire your family vacation ideas for summer 2022. My Own Ideal Family Vacations: Lake […]