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50 Great Plans for Romance

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, over 50% of adult Americans report that they are in a serious romantic relationship. If you are one of these people, 50 great plans for romance are waiting for you. Traveling is always a great way to change perspective, but it isn’t always an option. That is why I created this list of date ideas to give some alternatives to romantic vacations. To navigate more easily, I’ve broken down my great plans for romance into different categories such as adventure, romance at home, nights out, cheap dates, free dates, and of course travel. I hope you are inspired to test them out.

Parasailing in Destin

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Ideas for Romantic Adventure

  • Go tandem parasailing. I’m a bit afraid of heights. Therefore, I was hesitant about trying this when we went to Destin, Florida. However, it was amazing. First, you are secured in a harness before being hoisted into the air above the Gulf of Mexico. Then you soar through the air like a bird.
  • If you can’t snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, go scallop diving together. It’s snorkeling with a twist. My husband and I tried this a few years ago in Steinhatchee, Florida. Afterward, we cooked up the scallops for our dinner.
  • Hot air balloon over the Arizona desert. After helping set up the balloon, you enter the basket and ascend. The view is breathtaking from 5000 feet up. Afterwards champagne is offered as part of the tradition started in France over a century ago.
  • Horseback ride through the desert or on the beach.
  • Ride a Segway.
  • Go spelunking.
  • Swim with a sea lion, seal, or perhaps a dolphin.

Great Plans for Romance at Home

  • Turn your bedroom into a massage parlor. First watch a video together on how to give a massage. Then practice on each other. You can buy scented oils in the store or Google how to make your own.
  • Read to each other. You can either find an erotic novel or read some classic literature. Once when we were staying at The Artisan Inn in Deland, Florida, we found a copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I read it aloud to my husband as we lounged on the couch drinking wine.
  • Become a mixologist. Take an on line bartending class. Then test out new cocktail recipes, or create one of your own. While improvising ingredients for a chocolate martini, we created what we call an Almond Joy.
  • Be a kid again. This is a variation of a rainy day movie day. Curl up on the couch. Then make some popcorn and watch old movies from your childhood. Recently, we watched Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Clash of the Titans, Race for your Life Charlie Brown, and Bon Voyage Charlie Brown. It’s fun to reminisce about simpler times.
  • Do it Yourself. For example, plant a garden , put together something from IKEA, or paint a room.
  • Gather all of your vacation memories. Then create an album using an online site like Picaboo.
  • Learn an instrument. Fender offers reasonably priced online guitar lessons.
  • Plan a road trip. First figure out your final destination. Next, decide how long you have for the trip. Then start planning. Don’t forget the journey is half the fun.

Intimate Nights Out

  • Look for a local spa. Then enjoy a couples’ massage.
  • Go wine tasting or wine making. Wineries are cropping up in every state and country so it is easy to find something local. In addition, stores such as Total Wine offer cheap classes.
  • Old time photos. We stumbled across an old time photo shop because we had some time to kill. Needless to say we had a blast trying on the old clothing and accessories and then having our photos taken.
  • Have drinks at an Ice Bar.displays cocktails served in glasses made from ice at Orlando's Ice Bar
  • Get tattoos together.
  • Learn to dance. Take tango or salsa lessons. If you are too shy to try this in public, grab an instructional video from the local library or find one on line.
  • Enjoy a unique dining experience. For instance, you can make your own pancakes on a table top griddle at the old Sugarmill restaurant in Ponce de Leon Springs, Florida.
  • Dine on authentic cuisine while soaking up foreign ambiance. Try the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City for Cuban cuisine served in an old cigar factory complete with flamenco dancers. Or head to Tatiana Restaurant & Night Club in Hallendale Beach, Florida for a Russian venue complete with entertainment that is a cross between cabaret and Cirque du Soleil.the Marquis of the Tatiana Restaurant and Night Club in Hallendale Beach
  • Visit a mansion. Then pretend you lived during that time period as you take a tour. Try Vizcaya in Miami or Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans.
  • Go to a museum. Check out NOMA in New Orleans. Then explore their unique sculpture garden. It is sure to promote stimulating conversation.
  • Make an old school date. Take in a movie, play mini golf, go bowling, shoot pool. Don’t forget to share a pitcher of beer!

Cheap Dates

plan a romantic day at the beach
Lauderdale by the Sea
  • Go to the beach. Then spend the day swimming. Next, build a sandcastle. Share a picnic. After lunch stroll down the beach. Find a walk up bar.
  • Take a bath together. Light scented candles. Then open a bottle of wine. Next, turn on some romantic music. Relax.
  • Stargaze. Head out of town to find a dark place where you can look up and see the stars. See how many constellations you can name. If you live somewhere with too many lights, visit the local planetarium.
  • Meet up somewhere new. Pretend it’s your first date. If you want to add spice you can make up different personas, wear a wig, etc.
  • Go camping or alternatively, glamping.
  • Enjoy some culture. Peruse a local art festival or Sunday jazz brunch. Often, these events are free to attend. You may just have to pay for parking.
  • Visit a local winery or brewery. Then take a tour or do a tasting.shows a winery in central Florida
  • Cook a foreign dinner together. I collect ethnic cookbooks because my husband and I enjoy trying out the recipes. One time we explored an Indian grocery to buy ingredients, and then we created a meal including homemade bread and chutney. Don’t forget to find music to complement your dinner.
foreign cookbooks

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Great Plans for Romance with No Money Involved

  • Catch fireflies on a summer evening, or just sit outside listening to the sounds of crickets and cicadas.
  • Take romantic drive along the coast or some other scenic byways. If you want to jazz it up, rent a convertible or jeep for your drive.
  • Exercise together. Go for a walk, jog or swim. Or you can workout together. Exercise gets the blood pumping and gets you in shape and in the mood for extracurricular activities.
  • Take a walk in the rain.
  • Have an indoor picnic. Spread a blanket on the floor, pop in a movie. Then serve a romantic dinner of appetizers and wine.

Intimate Plans for Travel

demonstrates a romantic carriage ride through Central Park
Central Park
  • Stay somewhere that has an outdoor shower such as Home Field Advantage Farmstead.
  • Eat dinner on a jazz cruise. While in New Orleans, we cruised the Mississippi River aboard the Steamboat Nachez.
  • Go on a seductive boat ride. Lounge in a gondola in the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV or take a tour of Lake Dora in Florida.
  • Take a haunted tour. Whether it’s ghosts and vampires of New Orleans or Jack the Ripper tour in London, it can be a thrill to be scared with your sweetheart.
  • Visit each other’s hometowns. Relive each other’s childhood together.
  • Stay on a houseboat. Of course, enjoy the sun setting over the water.Shows a houseboat at the marina in Tarpon Springs
  • Take a carriage ride. We crossed this off our bucket list while spending the day in Central Park in NYC, but many places offer these romantic rides.
  • Take the road trip you planned during your night of romance at home.
  • Visit a romantic destination together such as Paris or Niagara Falls.
  • Visit a historic monument together. For instance, Ground Zero, in NYC.
  • Finally, if you can’t travel the world, travel to Orlando for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival which is held each fall. This one is expensive. You’ll need admission for the Disney park and also for all the food and drinks you will be trying in each country. However, it is a cheaper and simpler alternative if you can’t actually travel the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these 50 great plans for romance. Now it is time to try them yourself. Also, check out these sponsored links for some ideas on what to bring on your romantic weekend…

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