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Imagine the gentle whir of cicadas, the light splash of a fish, the smell of BBQ on the shore. You are floating down a lazy river, a real one, not at a water park.

No phones. No work.

A dragonfly lands on your toe. He floats along with you for a while until he decides to flutter away to join his friends.

This can be you.

Whether you are looking for off the beaten path travel destinations, amazing worldwide adventures, or travel experiences, you will find something to enjoy here. Summer vacations on Lake George awakened a love of small towns. That, along with summers on the south shore of Long Island, working college breaks for my aunt in Manhattan, and a love of languages inspired the travel bug in me. Now I am sharing my experiences with you.

Do you remember racing back from the beach, throwing your uniform on over our bathing suit, and heading to work still covered in sand? As a teen, did you also envy the wanderers selling homemade jewelry on the beach? It isn’t too late to enjoy that nomadic lifestyle, even if it’s for just the weekend.

Are you infatuated with the culture and people of the small town. Places where you can walk barefoot, end up at the local pub, get a beer and be allowed to pay later. Places that transport you to another era.

What if my finances and family responsibilities prohibit me from traveling as much as I would like?

If this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place. I have learned that vacationing is a state of mind. My goal is to share with others ways to get that vacation state of mind without having to travel to other continents, by exploring the roads before us or maybe just discovering our own back yards.

Where else can you explore the road with Donnamarie?

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