60 Fun Road Trip Questions for Couples to Answer Now

So, you are thinking of planning a romantic road trip with your special someone. After all, we’ve all heard the horror stories about how unreliable airlines are post pandemic. You already chose your destination, a romantic cabin in the mountains with a hot tub. Or maybe you can hear the waves lapping at the edge […]

Top 50 Road Trip Trivia: How to pass the time in the car

We all dread that “Are we there yet?” from the back seat of the car while on a road trip. Similar statements are: I’m hungry. I’m bored. Tommy’s bothering me. You take a deep breath. After that you sigh. Then you dole out all of the snacks you packed for the entire trip within the […]

20 Best Road Trip Essentials: How to Plan for a Smooth Trip

Miles and miles of road stretched out ahead, tunes blasting, you start singing along. You spot a sign that says Rainbow Springs 5 miles. Should you make a detour? It’s a hot day. Your curiosity gets the better of you. You decide to veer off your scheduled path, not knowing exactly what lies ahead, but […]

Patriotic Holidays: Where are the Best Celebrations?

It was 1976, the bicentennial of America’s independence day, and my dad took me to the celebration in my hometown. I can still recall the sound of the band playing God Bless America, the smell of hot dogs and popcorn, everything decked out in red, white, and blue, the taste of old fashioned root beer. […]

Street Tacos Recipes: How to Make These Easy Meals

Why is a street taco called a street taco? When cities started being more industrialized and many flocked to Mexican cities for jobs, people would make batches of tacos to sell to people on the street. Thus Mexican street tacos were born. Are you wondering what is the difference between a street taco and any […]

How to Make Greek Easter Food, and Greek Easter Traditions

My husband and I love Greek food and culture which leads me to write about traditional Greek Easter food and customs. Although we haven’t made it to Greece yet, we did learn some Greek in preparation for our trip to Tarpon Springs, a Greek American village, a few years back. Today I will discuss the […]

Eating Healthy While Traveling: How to Avoid Weight Gain

Have you offended your Aunt Mary because you wouldn’t have a heaping plate of eggplant parmesan after filling up on pasta and garlic bread? Do you cause gossip among coworkers for only ordering salads? Is your friend Jenny mad at you because you wouldn’t indulge in those margaritas with her in Cabo? Wait. Rewind. Were […]

Japanese Stone Garden: Introducing the Magic of Zen

Trickling water, the sound of bamboo clapping against each other, the wind whispering through the trees, ancient stones standing guard like samurai in a field of sand. These things bring a sense of peace in a Japanese stone garden. If you can’t make it to Japan for the Spring Cherry Blossom festival, you can still […]

Introducing Amazing Spring Holidays: Celebrate Around the World

After the cold, harsh, winter season, we welcome spring with many spring celebrations. The new season is a time for new life, and many countries time their holidays to coincide with the spring season. Whether it is Greek traditions for Easter, or buying the best gifts for Mother’s Day in the U.S. we all have […]