Introducing Amazing Spring Holidays: Celebrate Around the World

After the cold, harsh, winter season, we welcome spring with many spring celebrations. The new season is a time for new life, and many countries time their holidays to coincide with the spring season. Whether it is Greek traditions for Easter, or buying the best gifts for Mother’s Day in the U.S. we all have […]

Ideal Family Vacations: The Ultimate Guide to Beloved Childhood Destinations

I originally published these ideal family vacations on May 10, 2021. Initially I meant it as a tribute to nostalgic childhood vacations. However, I decided to update it to include ideal family vacations from the present as well. Hopefully it will inspire your family vacation ideas for summer 2022. My Own Ideal Family Vacations: Lake […]

Civil Rights Tour: Learn how to make a difference

Before the pandemic, my husband and I planned a civil rights tour from Florida up through Alabama and Mississippi. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go on the trip, but it got me thinking about some of the sights we planned on seeing. It also got me thinking of civil and human rights worldwide, which led […]

Valentine Getaway 2022: Ultimate Romantic Valentines Day Trips

Dinner at a local restaurant, some flowers, and a box of chocolates, is this your Valentine’s Day plan? Instead of fighting for a reservation at the same boring restaurant again this year, plan a romantic Valentine Getaway. Living in Florida, my husband, Dan, and I make a lot of road trips for romantic weekends. Last […]

Best Parades in the World: Where to Find Them

I love a parade! The beat of the drum from the marching bands, the elaborately costumed performers, the colorful floats, and little kids sitting on their father’s shoulders so they can see. Growing up on the south shore of Long Island, I always wanted to see one of the big parades in New York City. […]

shows a photo of historic Prague

Prague Historical Tour: Learn how to be a Plague Doctor

During the beginning of the current pandemic, I think we all had that feeling of impending doom, not knowing what the future held, what tragedies were in store for us and our loved ones. I’ve read a lot of historical novels over the years about various plagues both in the U.S. and in Europe. I […]

Fall Foliage and Festivals: Announcing Best Destinations Around the World

The air turns crisp, the leaves change colors, and in the USA it’s football season. However, fall is so much more. In addition to fall foliage, some of the best places to visit are known for their autumn festivals and things to do during this season. Whether creepy Jack the Ripper Tours or learning to […]

Vineyards Near Me: Introducing the Best Around the World

The pop of the cork, the sound as it hits the glass, the fragrant bouquet, the taste on the tongue, do these make you want to open a bottle of wine or head to a wine tasting right now? Maybe you are wondering, “where can I find vineyards near me?” Of course, the USA has […]

Winery Tastings: Sneak away to the best around the world

Bold reds, sparkling whites, a nice port as an aperatif in winter. Do these phrases make you wish your work day was over? You are not alone. My husband and I look forward to a rich glass of Pinot Noir after work. Sitting on our front patio, chatting with people out walking their dogs, inviting […]

Introducing the Best Hotels Niagara Falls Ontario

Is Niagara Falls on your bucket list? Canada is full of majestic beauty to be found in its National Parks and especially at Niagara Falls. With its rush of water and constant rainbows, this natural wonder attracts numerous people each year. This is listed as one of the 1000 places to see before you die. […]