Eating Healthy While Traveling: How to Avoid Weight Gain

Have you offended your Aunt Mary because you wouldn’t have a heaping plate of eggplant parmesan after filling up on pasta and garlic bread? Do you cause gossip among coworkers for only ordering salads? Is your friend Jenny mad at you because you wouldn’t indulge in those margaritas with her in Cabo? Wait. Rewind. Were […]

Best Gifts for Mixologists: Unique Home Bar Gifts 2022

The clink of ice in a glass, the swish of booze in a cocktail shaker, do you know someone who loves those sounds? Maybe they like to sample new drinks when they go out, and then try to recreate them at home. Maybe you know someone who has wondered, “how can I become a mixologist?” […]

What is the Best Gift for Road Trippers Now in 2022?

My husband and I love taking and planning road trips. It gives us a great feeling to get in our car and go. Subsequently, we love riding along listening to tunes and singing. And of course, we love getting out and visiting spots along the way. With a road trip, the traveling is as much […]

Trans Stars: Now Announcing Live Art on Stage in Person

There is something about watching a drag show that leaves you feeling spectacular. I don’t know why. As a woman I often feel self conscious of my looks, especially now that I am no spring chicken. However, when I see how these trans stars shine, I can’t help but feel amazing as well. Watching these […]

Best Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts: The Ultimate Guide

Father’s Day is approaching so what should you get for your dad? Some dads are just hard to shop for. Therefore I have compiled these ideas for fathers day gifts with the help of my husband and several friends and neighbors, who are dads. Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts for the Mixologist Most dads enjoy […]

Learn How to Create Garden Rooms for Extra Living Space

Living in South Florida gives us many opportunities for spending time outside, hence the garden rooms. Over the years we have turned the blank slate that was our yard into many quaint living areas. They began with kid friendly spaces for jungle gyms, slip and slides, and outdoor areas for messy art projects and play […]

Living in south Florida: How to Enjoy the Vacation Life

At the start of the pandemic I began a journal. I recently reread it and realized how much we have gotten back to basics since then. I am writing this from a native perspective of a Floridian living in south Florida minus the hustle and bustle. This is my journey into a more laid back […]

Important People in Black History: Discover Where To Find Them

History is important for us to learn about the past to create a better future. Explore the road with me as we journey through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee to learn about important people in black history. Originally this was meant to be part of a larger road trip. We planned to begin in Florida and […]