shows a picture of Wright Brothers first flight as shown on America's Summer Road Trip

History Travel: The Ultimate American Road Trip

On August 1, 2020 I joined this virtual America’s Summer Road Trip hosted by The Pursuit of History. This organization is dedicated to the importance of understanding history and therefore organized this virtual road trip to educate others. While this show was a virtual trip, I wondered if it was possible to do it as […]

Trans Stars: Witness These Genuine Works of Art and Become Inspired

There is something about watching a drag show that leaves you feeling spectacular. I don’t know why. As a woman I often feel self conscious of my looks, especially now that I am no spring chicken. However, when I see how these trans stars shine, I can’t help but feel amazing as well. Watching these […]

Safe Travel USA: How to Vacation Safely during Covid-19

Many people are wondering is it safe to travel right now? And if so, is it safe to fly right now? The CDC says that it is safe to travel if you are fully vaccinated, meaning it is two weeks since you completed your final dose of vaccination. However, since the Delta variant has been […]

Astoria Restaurants: Find the Best Places to Eat

My sister Karin moved out to Portland, Oregon some years ago. Since we live on opposite coasts, and I live down south and she up north, we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like. However, I enjoy hearing about local road trips she makes. Therefore, she inspired me to write […]

10 Things to Do in New York City for Free

New York has a wide variety of places to visit such as Niagara Falls, miles of beaches, mountainous state parks, and quaint country towns. Growing up on the South Shore of Long Island, one of my favorite spots was New York City. New York can be pricey, but this guest post outlines some great things […]

Best Places to Visit in Arizona, from a Local

My best friend Melissa has lived in Arizona for about 20 years and has shared with me some of the best places to visit in Arizona. Dan and I took a trip to Arizona for Melissa’s wedding which you can read about here. Since my traveling is limited right now, I have enlisted Melissa’s help […]

South Shore Long Island, fall in love with these small towns

I grew up here on the South Shore of Long Island. I always loved the excitement of NYC, but as I get older I realize how much I love these small towns. In short, here are some of the places I returned to during a recent visit. Returning Home A few years ago, I went […]

Upstate New York Towns: My Favorites to Visit

I grew up on Long Island but fell in love with the mountains of upstate NY during family vacations. As a young adult, I spent 6 years living in rural western New York south of Rochester. This prompted me to write this post based on my love of these small upstate New York towns. I […]