Shows a statue of three musicians on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Fun Things to do in New Orleans for Couples

New Orleans is mostly associated with Mardi Gras, women flashing their breasts for beads, and drunken debauchery. It was founded by the French before being ruled by the Spanish for 40 years. The U.S. purchased it in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. New Orleans has a rich history. It is because of this […]

shows the road to Sanibel from the passenger seat of a vehicle

Florida to New Orleans Road Trip: Hidden Pleasures

A few years ago, my husband, Dan and I took a South Florida to New Orleans road trip for our anniversary. Originally, we wanted to return to Las Vegas where we honeymooned, but due to family obligations we decided to try a road trip. We spent 11 days on our drive, but only 4 were […]

50 great plans for romance, steamboats, dinner cruises, New Orleans

Best Romantic Date Ideas: 50 Great Plans for Romance

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, over 50% of adult Americans report that they are in a serious romantic relationship. If you are one of these people, 50 great plans for romance are waiting for you. What are some romantic date ideas? Traveling is always a great way to change perspective, […]

What is the Best Gift for Road Trippers Now in 2022?

My husband and I love taking and planning road trips. It gives us a great feeling to get in our car and go. Subsequently, we love riding along listening to tunes and singing. And of course, we love getting out and visiting spots along the way. With a road trip, the traveling is as much […]

hot air balloons rising above the desert

Scottsdale, Arizona Bold and Beautiful

Floating high above the earth, the only sound the roar of the fire heating the balloon. The wind through your hair as your horse takes off in a gallop along a dessert trail. The conviviality of new friendships formed while brewing and tasting wine. These are some of the things to do in Scottsdale. These […]

shows a picture of Wright Brothers first flight as shown on America's Summer Road Trip

History Travel: Now Introducing the Ultimate American Road Trip

If you are like me, then you probably thought learning about history in school was boring. I remember having this greasy teacher in 8th grade that made us endlessly copy notes. It wasn’t until I got older that I started appreciating history through reading historical novels and history travel. If you want the past to […]

Trans Stars: Now Announcing Live Art on Stage in Person

There is something about watching a drag show that leaves you feeling spectacular. I don’t know why. As a woman I often feel self conscious of my looks, especially now that I am no spring chicken. However, when I see how these trans stars shine, I can’t help but feel amazing as well. Watching these […]

Safe Travel USA: How to Vacation Safely Now

Many people are wondering is it safe to travel right now? And if so, is it safe to fly right now? The CDC says that it is safe to travel if you are fully vaccinated, meaning it is two weeks since you completed your final dose of vaccination. However, since the Delta variant has been […]

Astoria Restaurants: Introducing the Best Places to Eat

Are you planning a trip to Astoria, Oregon? Or maybe you are there already and looking for a place to eat. With some help from my sister who has lived in Oregon for over 10 years, I have searched out the best Astoria restaurants. And now I am happy to share them with you. My […]