Important People in Black History: Where To Learn About Them

Explore the road with me as we journey through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee to learn about important people in black history. Originally this was meant to be part of a larger road trip. We planned to begin in Florida and head to Georgia after Tennessee. However, Covid hit and we cancelled most of our trip. […]

shows the road to Sanibel from the passenger seat of a vehicle

Road Trip Guide: How to plan and execute the ultimate journey

This road trip guide will help alleviate the bumps in the road so to speak. Often when people think of a road trip, they think of endless hours of non- stop driving in a car with only bathroom breaks until they reach their destination. Nobody wants to go on that road trip. I am talking […]

shows a picture of Wright Brothers first flight as shown on America's Summer Road Trip

American Road Trip: The Ultimate Historical Guide

On August 1, 2020 I joined this virtual America’s Summer Road Trip hosted by The Pursuit of History. This organization is dedicated to the importance of understanding history and therefore organized this road trip to educate others. To continue learning check out History Camp Online. I have included some direct links as well as some […]