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Cozy Farm Stay: or How to Befriend an Alpaca

cozy night on a farm

Ahh, the great outdoors! We have enjoyed sleeping outside while hearing lions roar, camped in a tent in the Florida Keys, and even went glamping on a sailboat. However, one of our most unique camping experiences was the time we went glamping in an alpaca paddock. Of course, we figured what better place to social distance than on a cozy farm stay! Florida certainly has many charming glamping accommodations. The best part is that you can access these all year.

An alpaca sneaks up behind me at this cozy farm stay
It looks like I am an alpaca!
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Cozy Farm Stay Tent

We arrived at the Home Field Advantage Farmstead mid afternoon. Upon arrival we were greeted at the gate by our host, Jennifer. Then she showed us to our tent where she explained how to work the air conditioner and precautions regarding latching the gate. After that, she introduced us to the alpacas. While this tent was more of a long term structure, you can buy tents with porches or screen rooms for use at other campsites.

A baby alpaca curiously watching me at our cozy farm stay
So cute!

Alpacas differ from llamas in several ways. To clarify, an alpaca is smaller and has softer wool. Therefore, they are raised to be sheered. Then the wool is used for clothing.

On the other hand, llamas have coarse wool which makes for rough clothing. Because they are larger and heavier, they are used as pack animals.

Moreover, these alpacas were curious and came right up to us and our tent. However, Jennifer told us not to pet them because they aren’t comfortable with people touching them.

Shows an alpaca close up at a cozy farm stay
Good afternoon!

We spent the next hour reading on our front porch while listening to and watching the farm animals. Then, at 5:30, Jennifer came by to give us a tour of the farm and let us participate in feeding time. Further, I even got to hold a lamb!

Farm Animals

Jennifer and her husband started Home Field Advantage Farmstead in 2014. They lived in a trailer while they built their home and started the farm. Consequently, the farmers harvest their own vegetables from their kitchen garden. Plus they milk the goats, collect the chicken eggs, and raise their own pork and poultry.

Although the sheep and alpacas had been sheared recently, Jennifer explained that due to Covid-19 they hadn’t brought the wool to be processed yet. Subsequently, she showed us the bags of wool in the Red Shed which serves as a kitchen area. There were also two barn units plus the trailer to stay the night in, but we preferred the glamping.

When we were done feeding the animals and touring the farm we ate dinner on our front patio. Then we headed over to the outdoor shower to wash away the dust from the day. There was an indoor shower in the bathroom, however, we were so enamored by the ambiance of the farm that we wanted to remain outdoors.

Outdoor shower at a cozy farm stay
Outdoor shower

Night on the Farm

By nightfall, the breeze blew the stuffy day time air out of the tent. Therefore, we had no need for the air conditioner. We fell into the comfy bed and gazed out the back window at an endless sea of stars. I awoke early to the sound of a rooster crowing in the distance, and lay there for an hour just listening to the sounds of nature.

An alpaca stops eating to watch me at our cozy farm stay at Home Field Advantage
someone is hungry

We made sure to support this self sustaining farm by purchasing homemade goods such as goats milk soap, lotion, blueberry jam, and farm fresh eggs before leaving in the morning. Of course, the jam was delicious! My husband and I can’t wait to return to this cozy farm stay.

Mommy and baby alpaca in the paddock
mamma and baby

To sum up, we found this unique opportunity through Airbnb. Also, for more information about vacationing safely during Covid-19 read on.

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  1. What a great place for a weekend! Cozy Farm Stay Tent looks so cool that I would love to stay there. Also, being friends with Alpaca seems a perfect idea, as those animals are so beautiful. I had no idea about the differences between alpacas and llamas. Thanks for the explanation! This farm seems to be the perfect place for a chill.

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