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Good Mothers Day Gifts: How to Find Them

What qualities make up good mothers day gifts? Once you figure out what you want, where do you find it? I have tried to take the stress out of buying good mother’s day gifts by doing some research and compiling a shopping guide here. Moms are all different ages and have many different interests and needs so hopefully this guide will help you find good mothers day gifts for your mom.

Virtual Experiences

For the mom who has everything why not get an experience. My husband and I went through Airbnb and traveled virtually to the Amalfi Coast of Italy and learned how to make Limoncello. We also traveled to Ireland to learn about history and culture. For additional experiences that we have gone on read here.

Mothers Day Gifts for the Reader

Whether your mom likes to read from a tablet or a traditional book with pages here are some sponsored links for great reads and reading accessories:

Books for Mom

Here is a useful tablet stand and also a great bath tray which holds a tablet for when mom wants a nice soak in the tub. She can even place a wine glass on the tray! If she likes more traditional books, here is a headlamp for reading at night in bed, camping, or where ever.

Good Mothers Day Gifts to Help Her Relax

Jacuzzi tub to help mom relax with good mothers day gifts of spa products
Everyone needs a good soak in a tub

All moms need time to relax. Whether they have lack of sleep due to a new baby, have school age kids and are battling homework. Preteens with attitude. Highschool car pool for activities and college planning. Empty nesters worrying about their kids being away from home or trying to figure out their next stage of life. Here are my recomendations for good mothers day gifts to help mom relax.

Good Mothers Day Gifts for the Gardener

Some moms might enjoy gardening as a hobby. Every gardener needs tools and gloves. Why not get mom this set that includes a handy carrying bucket. Also composting is a great way to cut down on food garbage and get organic material for your plants. We have had tomatoes and other vegetables actually grow on their own from seeds in our compost. In addition, this garden box is great for areas limited on space or where soil is poor. We took hours building our own before I realized we could have bought this one with handy sections on line. Here are some sponsored links for good mothers day gifts:

Similarly, here are some attractive plant stands for moms creating relaxing garden rooms:

Fun Mothers Day Gifts for the Wine Lover

shows a glass of wine inspiring good mothers day gifts for the wine lover
Uncork & Unwind

And for the mom who loves her wine, why not get her a mom wine tumbler gift set complete with straw, straw brush, bottle opener, and wine stopper? Another good gift for mom is this wine purse made of sturdy material so her wine bottle won’t break. Likewise this wine travel tote fits up to two bottles of wine in bpa free pouches which keeps the wine cold for hours. Plus the bag has a secret pour spout on the side. Check out these sponsored links for more details:

In addition here are some great wine fridges holding from 12 bottles to 33 bottles, (or beers):

Here are some sponsored links for wine fridges so you can store all of that wine!

Check out these sponsored links for additional gifts for the wine lover. Perhaps your mom collects wine corks. Then you can get her initial to store them in. Or maybe she hosts book club or girl’s night at her house. Of course she will need these wine markers to right each friend’s name on the glass. On the other hand, no girl’s night is complete without snacks. Likewise this charcuterie board will come in handy.

Useful Mothers Day Gifts for the Traveler

Now that travel is starting to open up again here are some good mothers day gifts for moms planning a getaway. For instance, this sleep pillow set comes with ear plugs and an eye mask to block out light. Who wants to use the nasty airplane blankets? Buy mom these cozy fleece travel blanket. In addition, these handy luggage cubes help make packing easy. Likewise, they make finding items a cinch since everything is well organized. Check out these affiliate links for additional details:

Shows Rick Steves For the Love of Europe Book recommended for good mothers day gifts for travelers
This is a great read!

These books are great reads and resources for travelers. My husband and I enjoy Rick Steves travel shows and have bought several of his books. In addition to travel guides for specific countries these books are enjoyable reads and contain valuable tips. Click on the affiliate links for ordering information:

Good Gifts for the Chef

shows a spiralizer which makes good mothers day gifts for cooks
My new Spiralizer

I do a lot of cooking. I previously had gotten a hand held spiralizer from a fund raiser which opened up a whole new avenue of food, but it was very awkward to use. My husband just got me this one recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, and I love it! It is an easy way to make healthy vegetable pasta to substitute for the high carb traditional stuff. Of course, anyone that has read my food posts knows I am always using my food processor. This is an updated version of the one I have had for 10 years which is still going strong even though I use it several times a week. I admit, I don’t have this pasta maker, but I read the ratings and have been wanting one for years. (Hint, Dan!) Click on the affiliate links for more product details.

Start a New Hobby

Maybe mom is looking to start a new hobby. There are tons of starter kits out there, but these were some that I want to try. Who doesn’t like dollhouses? As a kid I helped my dad put together a Victorian dollhouse from a kit. Then I spent numerous hours with my mom decorating it. Likewise, my sister and I have many memories of playing with it. That dollhouse is now gone, but I found this miniature kit for a greenhouse. It will take up less time and space, but still be fun to complete.

Perhaps mom enjoys scented candles. This kit comes with everything needed to create her own candles such as scents, dyes, pots, wax, etc. No experience necessary.

How about painting? After all, this beginners painting kit has everything mom will need including easel, brushes, canvas, sketch pads, and paints. Even though mom might not have painted before, she can try her hand at oils, acrylics, and watercolors.

I certainly hope you have found this gift guide useful. Happy Mothers Day to you and your mom.

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Donna Emperador is a travel and food blogger and copywriter. Donna believes in learning about different cultures while sharing good food and cocktails. She has lived in South Florida for over 20 years and enjoys spending time exploring the road to find unique places to share with readers. She can be found on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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