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Best Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts: The Ultimate Guide

Father’s Day is approaching so what should you get for your dad? Some dads are just hard to shop for. Therefore I have compiled these ideas for fathers day gifts with the help of my husband and several friends and neighbors, who are dads.

Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts for the Mixologist

Most dads enjoy some kind of libation whether craft beers, fine wine, whiskey, or martinis. For dads who like to entertain and play bartender I have compiled these sponsored links for drinkware as well as useful barware:

Maybe your dad likes Tequila. Subsequently, choose from a decanter with a set of shot glasses, colorful margarita glasses, or shot glasses with a serving tray and a spot for lime slices. Don’t forget to send him some recipes for tequila drinks.

Or perhaps martinis are his thing. Similarly, choose between a decorative set of 4 10oz. glasses, 4 6 oz. glasses, or 2 glasses with a cocktail shaker. The 10oz. glasses can also be used for frozen drinks or other cocktails such as margaritas.

Highlights for the whiskey lover include a set of 4 rocks glasses, a set of 2 decorative glasses with chilling cubes, or a set of 4 with a decanter. Then get dad a virtual Irish whiskey class with John through Airbnb.

Of course different beers require different glassware. Certainly tall pilsner glasses are great for dad if he favors IPAS or pilsners. Likewise buy a set of 4 tulip glasses with coasters for Belgian brews. Further, order him a personalized pint glass. However, if you aren’t sure which he prefers, you can always get a set of mixed glassware.

In addition you can always get your dad his own beer making kit by clicking on this affiliate link. My neighbor recommends a kit by Northern Brewery for starters.

Virtual Experiences

Maybe your dad would like to participate in an on line experience. In addition to being safe entertainment during the pandemic they are also great ways to travel the world without leaving home. All you need is a computer with a mic and camera, and of course a good Internet connection.

Read more about virtual experiences we have participated in and get links to those additional gift options.

Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts for the Grill Master

shows a gas grill with rotisserie great ideas for fathers day gifts
Here is our grill with the rotisserie attachment in use

My husband uses this grill almost every week. It is large enough to cook for company, but has 4 burners so he can leave some off when he is cooking less food. Here in Florida we have warm weather most of the year so we use our grill instead of heating up our whole house with the oven. With the rotisserie attachment he even cooked our Thanksgiving turkey several years in a row! However, he usually uses it to cook up a few whole chickens on the weekend to make week night meals easier. We have this Tiki umbrella over the patio table my husband uses while grilling. It provides shade as well as adds to the tropical vibe.

In addition here are some sponsored links for fun grilling accessories. We used these grill mats while camping since we didn’t want to put our food directly on some rusty old grill at the campsite. But they are great at home for veggies, shrimp, or other small items you don’t want to fall through the grate. Also this kit has everything you need to start grilling. Also, with this chicken leg stand the juices will drip onto your veggies to flavor them. Plus you don’t have to worry about the skinny part of the leg getting overcooked. Another great item is this burger shaper. And don’t forget about head lamps so you can see what you are cooking once it gets dark.

Further, check out this selection of meats for grilling. Then have them sent directly to your dad.

Omaha Steaks.

Personal Care Items

Two of our neighbors recommended different shave clubs to my husband. Originally he went with the cheaper one. However, the blades were very dull and had to be changed constantly. So we decided to switch and try the second one which was Harry’s. My husband and I love these products. The blades are sharp, but not to the point where we cut ourselves. Another plus is that the handles are not slippery even when my hands are soapy from the shower. My husband likes the aloe shave gel as well. This affiliate link will take you to a page with all Harry’s products.

Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts for the Sportsfan

What dad wouldn’t like a scratch off map of all the baseball stadiums. This makes a great bucket list item. Then for the basketball fan, challenge dad to learn all the trivia in this ultimate book. In addition, dad can learn about American football over the past century with this coffee table book.


Maybe your dad likes to fix or build stuff. My husband recently got this Ryobi tool set and has used it to create outdoor structures as well as fix things around the house. The second one has some basic tools for around the home such as screwdrivers, hammer, etc. if dad needs a starter tool kit. The last sponsored link is an electronics tool kit filled with all the tools that can get in those small places.

Hopefully this gift guide has given you some great ideas for dad and helped you get all of your shopping done in one place.

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Donna Emperador is a travel and food blogger and copywriter. Donna believes in learning about different cultures while sharing good food and cocktails. She has lived in South Florida for over 20 years and enjoys spending time exploring the road to find unique places to share with readers. She can be found on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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