Mojito Making & How to Infuse Liquor with Incredible Flavors

While at our virtual rum class with Ray, we mentioned how we had infused alcohol with different flavors. He then recommended infusing white rum with mint for mojito making. However, at that time our mint plant was not producing enough to try this. After a long wait, we finally got to do it. This is definitely the best rum for mojito making!

Infusing Rum with Mint for Mojito Making

Mint infused Rum

For the best rum for mojito making make your own mint infused rum. For whatever size jar you use you will need to fill it almost to the top with mint. A mason jar works well since the lid is secure for shaking. Remove mint leaves from stems and fill jar at least 3/4 full. Then just add your favorite brand of white rum. Leave the jar on the counter and shake gently on a daily basis. When it has been soaking for a week, strain out mint. Either replace the rum in the jar or place it in a bottle for an easier pour.

Mojito Making

Cranberry mojito made with Mint rum
Cranberry Mojito

Ingredients for Mojito Making

  • 2 oz. mint infused rum
  • 1 oz. fresh lime juice
  • lemon lime soda

In traditional mojito making you muddle the mint with the simple syrup. We found that unless you really work at it, the mint doesn’t really release enough flavor that way. However, when we infused the rum with the mint, the mint released a vibrant flavor into the cocktail. In addition we found that the simple syrup tends to sink to the bottom of the glass. Instead of using simple syrup and seltzer, we use lemon lime soda instead. So to make the drink, just shake the rum and lime juice with ice in a cocktail shaker. Then pour in a cocktail glass full of ice, and top with soda. If you like, you can garnish with fresh mint.

Mojito making with pineapple
Pineapple Mojito

In addition you can try various flavors while mojito making. Instead of lime juice we used cranberry juice for a cranberry mojito. We also used pineapple juice in place of the lime juice for a pineapple mojito. Then we added a chunk of fresh pineapple as a garnish. The possibilities are endless. Get creative with your mojito making!

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How to infuse bourbon with apples, shows a bottle of Jim Beam with a mason jar filled with sliced apples and bourbon
Granny Smith Infused Bourbon

I originally wrote this post on how to infuse liquor after trying this apple bourbon experiment. We had previously infused vodka with habaneros which we used in bloody marys giving them a great kick. Here is how you can infuse liquor at home. We picked up our liquor at Total Wine. Generally when creating infusions, the stronger the item being added to the liquor, the shorter the time needed to get the maximum flavor. We’ve also made limoncello, alcohol infused with lemons and mixed with sugar and water.

How to Infuse Bourbon with Apples

We decided to try this experiment after tasting Crown Royal Apple and Evan Williams Apple. Then we created our own apple pie cocktail, Apple Pie a la Mode. Now we decided why not make our own apple bourbon? But which apple would work the best?

Dan and I decided to test 3 kinds of apples. In addition to yellow delicious, we chose red delicious, and granny smith. First we sliced the apples. Then we placed each apple separately in a labeled mason jar. After that we poured 12 ounces of Jim Beam over the apples in each jar. And now two weeks of waiting.

Time for the Test

After shaking up our mixtures every few days, the day for tasting finally arrived. We settled on a blind taste test so we could record our unbiased opinions. We started by labeling the bottoms of our shot glasses with each kind of apple. Then we strained the apples out of the bourbon. After pouring each bourbon in the corresponding shot glass we switched the glasses around like in an old fashioned shell game. Meanwhile we placed numbered papers in front of each so we could reference each one during our tasting. For each bourbon we breathed the aroma, tasted, and then cleaned our palette with a bite of cheese. Consequently, we recorded our results and then checked the bottoms of the glasses to see which apple was in each bourbon.

In conclusion this is what we discovered. All had a light apple aroma. However tastes varied. While both Granny Smith and Red Delicious had a sweetness to them, Granny Smith was definitely a bit sweeter. We found that the Red Delicious was a softer apple and broke down slightly while straining, whereas the other two remained firm. The Red Delicious had a very rich, hearty apple flavor. On the other hand, the Golden Delicious had a lighter apple taste and was more acidic. If you are going to try this at home, we recommend using the Red Delicious. Granny Smith was our runner up. And unfortunately, we cannot recommend Golden Delicious. The acidity outweighed the taste of the apple.

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How to Infuse Vodka with Peppers

My husband likes scorpion peppers in his vodka, but they are just too spicy for me. If you are using scorpion peppers I recommend using 1 pepper per cup of vodka. If you are a glutton for punishment you can use 2 or 3 peppers. For habaneros you can use 1 or 2 additional peppers. It really depends upon your pain threshold. My husband just slices the top off the peppers before placing them in a mason jar so the vodka can soak inside the peppers. Leave the jar at room temperature for a few days before straining out solids.

habenero vodka in a jar
Art work on jar done by our teen, Cal

WARNING: Make sure you wear gloves when handling hot peppers, and do not touch any body parts. If you do, make sure to rinse inflamed area with soap and water. It should be treated as a chemical burn.

Ginger Infused Vodka

A piece if ginger on a cutting mat ready to show how to infuse vodka
1 1/2 inches of ginger
jelly jar for infusing liquors for mojito making and martinis
Jelly jar repurposed for infusing vodka

While creating Christmas cocktails we decided to try infusing some vodka with ginger to make a gingerbread martini. We chopped up approximately 1 1/2 inches of fresh ginger and placed it in a jar with 1 cup of vodka. Then we waited a week. Time to taste. After straining the ginger from the vodka we poured it into a shot glass to taste. Perfect.

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