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The Best Camping in Florida, How to Sleep With a Lion

Florida is a great state for camping since the weather is great most of the year. Although the summer is hot, we have gone glamping in northern Florida in June and it was in the 60s at night. Due to mild temperatures most of the year, you will find some of the best camping in Florida from Florida Caverns State Park in the North down to Key West. Why not plan a camping road trip to campgrounds in the Upper Keys? It is only a few hours away from Palm Beach. You can even camp at Disney!

Studies show that people’s physical and mental health benefit from spending time in nature and with animals. What better way to benefit from both than to experience some of the best camping in Florida along with the animal encounters of Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach, Florida.

To allow enough time to enjoy the safari park, prep make-ahead meals for camping so dinner will be a snap!

two female lions at the best camping in Florida, Lion Country Safari
Female lions at the safari
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Where is the best camping in Florida located?

If you want to experience some of the best camping in Florida check out Lion Country Safari. Lion Country Safari located at 2003 Lion Country Safari Road in Loxahatchee, Florida in Palm Beach County is known for a great place to view wild animals close up. But most people don’t know you can camp there as well. We have been to Lion Country numerous times but had no idea that there was a KOA at the park until we went one year with my son’s cub scout pack.

This is a great place to visit if you are new to camping since there are lots of amenities. However, it is a good idea to get some camping tips for beginners to avoid pitfalls.

The park can be reached from Florida’s Turnpike.

Here are some camping supplies if you need to purchase equipment prior to going.

Best Camping in Florida, KOA


Imagine what it would be like to hear the roar of lions while falling asleep at night. You can do just that at the KOA located in Lion Country Safari. Options include RV sites, tent sites, and 4 person Kabins. The Kabins are primitive with no kitchen or bathroom. While basic cots are provided, you must bring your own bedding. Safari tents, tents on a raised platform, are also available to rent. We brought our own tent since we went as a family with cub scouts.

Facilities at the Best Camping in Florida

Amenities at the KOA include varied opportunities for family fun. You can buy supplies at the general store. Then eat at the picnic facilities. Kiddies can play on the playground. Try your hand at a variety of activities such as basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard. After that, cool off in the pool. The pool is heated so you can go for a swim even during the winter months. If you plan on an extended stay make use of the laundry facilities. All restrooms are handicap accessible. Reservations can be made on line or you can contact someone with questions at

The Safari

turtle at Lion Country Safari
Giant Tortoise
ostriches during the safari at the best camping in Florida
Ostrich and a deer
zebras coming right up to our car window at Lion Country Safari
Zebras looking in our car

In addition to the best camping in Florida, here you can enjoy up close animals from the comfort of your own vehicle. Open since 1967 the drive through safari is divided into 7 areas. Las Pampas covers the animals of the grasslands in South America such as the Aldabra tortoise, Brazilian Tapir, Brown Pelican, Alpaca, and the Greater Rhea. Following Las Pampas is Ruaha National Park. This African wilderness includes Greater Kudu, Impala, and the Ostrich. Then move on to the Kalahari Bushveldt. Examples of animals living on this dry plateau are the Nile Lechwe and Ostrich.

rhino at the safari
Rhino up and close

Continue driving through the Gir Forest in India where you will find Asiatic Water Buffalo, Nilgai, Blackbuck, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, and Lowland Nyala.

After that you will find yourself at the Gorongosa Reserve in Mozambique which highlights the African Lion.

Keep going through to the Serengeti Plains. Here you will spy Common Eland, Ostrich, Wildebeest, Common Waterbuck, Ankole Cattle-Watusi, and more Impala.

Lastly, you will find yourself in the Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe. Southern White Rhinos, an endangered species, roam here and have reproduced in captivity. Also, be prepared for Common Zebra to come up to your car. They express unbridled curiosity for visitors. You will also observe Jackson’s Hartebeest, Giraffe, Wildebeest, and Greater Kudu. Don’t forget to watch the antics of the Chimpanzee and White-Handed Gibbon.

Things to know before heading in to the Safari

Make sure you read the rules prior to entering the safari to keep you and your vehicle safe. Also, convertibles or soft top vehicles are not permitted, but you can rent a vehicle for the safari. While the lions are behind a fence, many of the other animals roam free and will come right up to your car. No pets are allowed in the park either but the park offers kennels for rent.

Not Just the Best Camping in Florida, but Great Attractions Too

Additional Animal Attractions

While at Lion Country Safari, some of the best camping in Florida, you can feed a giraffe like this person is doing

If you hunger for more animal experiences you will have plenty of opportunities. Take in a show at the animal theater. Or get up close and personal in the petting zoo. Further animal interactions include Lory Feeding, Budgie Feeding, and Giraffe Feeding.After that take a ride on the Jungle Queen, a narrated boat ride where you will learn about the siamangs and spider monkeys that live on the islands of Lake Shanalee. Some of these charge a small fee for the food to feed the animals.

Private Experiences

Lion Country Safari currently offers three private experiences for an additional charge. Each experience is for your small group only. Experience a giraffe artist while he paints. You choose the colors and keep the artwork. Or maybe you prefer art painted by a bird. Another option is to hang out with flamingos and feed them.

For the Kiddies

two children riding a children's train ride
Riding that Train

Another reason this is the best camping in Florida is all the additional activities. Fun abounds for the little ones. First ride the Rio Grande Train. Then hop on the carousel. Enjoy more kiddie rides before checking out the Dinosaur Exhibit.

Family Fun

shows the entrance to the Safari Maze at Lion Country Safari,  the best camping in Florida

When you have had your fill of the animals check out these additional past times. Ride a paddle boat and leisurely take in the view from the lake. Or play a round of mini golf. Test your skills walking through the Safari Maze. Then try your hand at gem and fossil panning. If thrills are more your thing, experience the Safari Plunge, a 214′ long water slide with a 114′ drop over a waterfall. Don’t forget your bathing suit to enjoy Safari Splash with 23 water functions or Safari Falls. Cabana rentals are available. Also, lunch and snacks are available to purchase at the restaurant or from several snack shops.

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  1. Okay, can you hear the lions from the campground? I know you can hear them for about 5 miles, but that’s only if they’re roaring. One thing I loved in Africa was falling asleep listening to lions roaring! I would 100% go camping here just for that!

  2. The big Tortoise is so cute. And it looks like the bird is his friend. Adorable! Must say looks like there are a lot of animals. Hope there is more bushes for the lions as I see they’re in a camp next to the fence.

  3. We loved visiting Lion County Safari a few years ago as a family, but I had no idea you could camp there! What a unique experience! We did enjoy how you could see the animals up close, it’s a great experience for kids.

  4. We stayed in a couple of KOA before. Even though it’s packed, we don’t mind staying at KOA anymore. And this one is really special because you can hear the lion roars from your campsite. We would like to stay here.

  5. It’s good to know that Florida is an excellent state for camping, as I love the outdoor. But Lion Country Safari is just perfect for me, as I love nature. Incredibly, you can admire wild animals close up and camp in the area. I add this place to my bucket list!

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