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The Coolest Airbnb: Introducing the Enchantment of Gary’s World

Do you need to get away from it all? I don’t mean to another town or country. I mean to a whole other galaxy! Then you need to visit Gary’s World. This is definitely the coolest Airbnb.

Imagine waking up feeling like you are in a space ship.

Eerie lights glowing in the background.

The ceiling has a pinkish hue.

You head to the bathroom to find a holographic Yoda staring back at you.

This could be you.

If you are a Star Wars fan, a stay in this Star Wars Suite must be added to your bucket list.

However, if you aren’t transported to a galaxy far, far, away by Star Wars, Gary has several other unique Airbnb rentals on his property. Plus, you will love the tour of the rest of Gary’s World, no matter where your interests lie or what age you are.

My husband Dan and I travel extensively in Florida. And of course, we are always on the look out for a unique Airbnb. Live vicariously through us as I recount this experience. Then book a stay for yourself. I will also fill you in on the other stays. Plus, you will get a peek at Gary’s inner sanctum only accessible by personal tour.

Most unique Airbnb: Visit a galaxy far, far, away

The main entrance to Gary’s World
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Our check in was at 4pm on Friday. We easily entered the guard gate with the code he gave us. Then we parked in the Star Wars parking spot. We subsequently unloaded our stuff and walked up the long driveway to the main house.

Upon reaching the house, Gary met us inside and gave us a tour of the suite. Our mouths certainly hung open as he explained the remote controls for the lighting and the unique features of the suite. After Gary left, Dan and I wandered around the suite further, just to take in all the Star Wars memorabilia. Consequently, our first hour here was spent discovering all the eccentricities.

Master bedroom in the coolest Airbnb

master bedroom at Gary's World
Master Bedroom
master bedroom ceiling star wars suite gary's world
Master Bedroom Ceiling
Movie posters adorn the walls
star wars desk in Gary's world
Imperial Fighter desk
movie posters at gary's worls
Additional movie posters
master bedroom display case at gary's world
Collectible cases on either side of the bed
bedroom door at gary's world star wars suite
Bedroom door
more star wars memorabilia at gary's world
Another collectible case
movie theme at gary's world
Even more movie posters

When we entered the master bedroom we noticed the queen size bed was decked out in Star Wars bedding. Likewise, the windows were draped with Star Wars curtains. However, behind them were blackout drapes for better viewing of the light displays in the room. Further, there was a desk in the corner like a spaceship, which we only noticed on our third time exploring the apartment.

Meanwhile, movie posters, in release order, hung high around the room. Moreover, the ceiling was painted to look like outer space. In addition, there was a huge mural on the wall behind the bed which stretched out over the door. Then we pushed a button and a light machine displayed twinkling lights around the room.


Even Darth Vader Flushes the Toilet

bathroom door at the coolest Airbnb
Door to the bathroom
yoda shower ctain at the coolest Airbnb
Star Wars bathroom decor
changing color night light of Yoda at the coolest Airbnb
Yoda night light that changed colors

Of course, the towels, shower curtain, and bath mat were all Star Wars themed. Even the toilet seat displayed the phrase, “May the flush be with you“. Similarly quirky signs hung around the room such as, “Even Chewbaca brushes his teeth”, and ” Even Yoda washes his hands“.

On a funny note, while researching where to find Star Wars decor, I came across Star Wars toilet paper!

Create your meals in the Star Wars kitchen

Star Wars kitchen in the coolest Airbnb at Gary's World
Note the Ewok cereal box on top of the fridge! Also the popcorn maker and Darth Vader toaster on the counter.

Plates, cups, bowls all displayed the Star Wars theme. On the wall a huge outer space mural shimmered with tiny red fiber optic lights in the dark. We only stayed for two nights, but there is a stove, microwave, full size fridge, and toaster oven if you stay longer and want to cook some of your meals. Whether you plan on eating here or not, Gary supplies plenty of pots and pans for guests’ use.

In case you are staying for awhile, the kitchen has a washer and dryer in it. So even if you pack light you won’t run out of clothes.

More reasons this is the coolest Airbnb

recline to watch Star Wars movies at Gary's World
One of two overhead TVs
funky light in the Star Wars Suite at Gary's World
Funky light emmanating atmosphere
Reclining couches for viewing movies
Dining area with overhead TV
Additional bed located near balcony door
At-At bunkbeds for little guests
Life size movie cut-outs

Further down the hallway and past display cases filled with Star Wars Lego figurines, you will find the dining area and living room. A full size dining table for 6 displays themed salt and pepper shakers.

Two full size leather sofas with reclining ends sit in an L shape. As a result, you have a perfect screening angle while reclined in your seat for a Star Wars movie marathon. Gary has every Star Wars movie and sound track available for your viewing and listening pleasure.

On the other hand, if you are an Xbox fan, he has that too. However, we are old school and preferred the 80s full size Star Wars arcade game. Gary also provided several trivia games for entertainment.

Although we only booked this place for ourselves, it can fit 3 more people, 4 if they are children. Located near the balcony door, stands a full size bed decorated, of course, in the Star Wars theme. Nearby, in the opposite corner, you will find bunk beds draped in tenting to look like a large At-At.

Looking for some ideas to decorate your own place in Star Wars theme? Check out this to get your own Star Wars decor.

Get fresh air with this Scenic View from the coolest Airbnb

lake view from the coolest Airbnb rental at Gary's World, the Star Wars Suite

When we needed some natural light we ventured out through our bedroom to the balcony. Overlooking the lake, this provided a beautiful place to sip our morning coffee, in Star Wars mugs of course.

Let the games begin!

Wait! But there is more! Pass through the back of the suite, beyond the additional beds to the back door. You will open the door not only to the back balcony but to Gary’s World. The balcony itself supplies hours of entertainment with an electronic dart board and a full size pool table. However, be careful as Jabba the Hut and Darth Vader sometimes get in the way of making the perfect shot. While the other memorabilia on the balcony is worth looking at, it is the view of Gary’s World that will hold you in awe.

Interestingly enough, this balcony overlooks the enclosed pool area that was once Gary’s back patio. Now pterodactyls, T-Rex, dragons, and a sphinx call it home. In addition you will find real taxidermized animals such as birds, bear, giraffe, and a lion. While all this makes an impressive sight during the day, the light display that projects at night adds to the aura. Want to see more? During your stay you will have to schedule a private tour of the museum with Gary.

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Tour Gary’s museum at the coolest Airbnb

Above all, you must schedule a free tour of Gary’s World. Gary’s tour will take you through his movie theater, horror theater, main home, and his enclosed patio museum. Don’t miss it!

life size marilyn monroe

The coolest Airbnb has a theater!

Screen in Gary’s Theater
Seating in the theater
Arcade in the theater lobby
Old time movie memorabilia
Concessions counter
More games to pass the time in the lobby
The Duke
More life size icons

During the tour Gary explained that he built this theater in his garage to rent out for parties. The lobby holds movie memorabilia such as the cast from Wizard of Oz and John Wayne. Likewise, a life size mannequin stands behind the concession stand ready to hand out popcorn. In addition, full size arcade games line the walls.

The theater itself has several rows of comfy chairs plus a large screen 3D tv for movie viewing. However, the technology is now obsolete and unable to be repaired. Although Gary no longer rents the theater out for parties, he now includes it on his museum tour.

Horror theater at the most unique Airbnb

Horror theater displays
Creepy memorabilia
Animated wall creeper
Masks to inspire terror
Small TV whisks you to another dimension
Animated fortune teller
Silence of the lambs

Since Gary turned his original garage into a theater, he added a second garage on to the house. Interestingly, one of Gary’s many careers involved running a Halloween shop. However, he couldn’t compete with the big costume superstores so he had to close up shop. What to do with all this Halloween paraphernalia? As a result, he set up a second theater in the additional garage.

Upon entering the horror theater you will notice the atmosphere becomes darker. In fact, shelves and display cases lining one wall house rows upon rows of scary masks. Likewise, life size Michael Myers, Hannibal Lector, and Frankenstein stand at attention. With the press of a remote control, Gary bring several displays to life. My favorite is the old fashioned TV which appears to have an alien trying to wriggle out of it when turned on.

Explore the eccentric main house at Gary’s World

The lobby which was once Gary’s living room
The foyer
Living room TV
All chefs will love this open kitchen
Eccentricity has Gary naming each wax like servant
Ornate ding room ceiling
Actual stuffed lion

During the tour Gary explained the history of his home. When he relocated from up north, he designed this home which was completed in 2004. However, before he could move in, several hurricanes plowed through central Florida that year. Subsequently the screen was torn off his back patio several times. Due to costing a fortune to replace, Gary had the whole patio enclosed to make it part of the house. With 25′ ceilings, Gary’s home needs 9 air conditioning units to cool. Therefore the main home is used only for entertaining. As a result, Gary moved to one of the upper apartment across from the Star Wars Suite.

The tour begins in his living room which now functions as a lobby. When you look around, you will notice a real stuffed lion prepared to pounce. Upon further glance, you will spot a fireplace lining one wall. In addition, a dolphin statue stands at attention in the center.

After that, we head to a large kitchen with an island. Through there we enter the formal dining room with yet another mannequin standing in the corner ready to serve. Above all, make sure to look up at the ornate ceiling decor and pay attention to the furniture details. In fact, you may get the feeling that you are touring a European castle.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Real taxidermied bear
Greek and Roman statues hold court behind the pool
Fire breathing dragon
View of the Star Wars balcony from below
Jungle ceiling under one of the balconies
Don’t get eaten by the life like dinosaurs
View giant animals from other continents

To clarify, this is no ordinary pool area. Yet another reason this is the coolest Airbnb. As you enter, you will be greeted by a sphinx. To the right an Anubis stands guard. Under one of the balconies a lone mannequin bartender stands at the fully stocked bar ready to serve drinks, while stuffed birds adorn the vines overhead. Then continue towards the back of the patio. Here you will view real jungle scenes which include a real stuffed giraffe.

Gary states that the pool is not used for swimming, since gallons of water are lost each time someone gets out of the pool. It now houses numerous replicas of aquatic creatures such as flamingos and alligators. However, Gary says he still uses the hot tub located behind the pool. The hot tub is adorned with Roman columns, guarded by a Roman Centurion as well as by Poseidon. Additionally, the hot tub water cascades down into the pool. Further, a dragon with smoke radiating from its nostrils sits on the side.

After that, continue on to the other side of the pool. Here you will find the skeleton of a T-Rex as well as another life size dinosaur. Under the Star Wars balcony stuffed monkeys hang from vines. Then a 3 headed dog‘s eyes glow red as it moves its heads from side to side looking for prey. In addition, a Zoltar fortune teller like in the movie Big spits out fortunes when Gary feeds it a dollar. Throughout the entire pool area you can find small sitting areas for guests as Gary has used this area for parties.

More Airbnb unique stays at Gary’s World

In addition to the Star Wars Suite, Gary offers 2 other Airbnb rentals at Gary’s World. The VIP room is on the first floor and has a king size bed and private bathroom.

Then, above the theaters, with a separate entrance from the outside, sits the Penthouse Suite. This suite has beach decor as well as a full kitchen for all your families needs.

When Gary turned his second garage into the horror theater, he had a free standing garage built down by the guard gate. However, now he is turning that into a boat house to use as a fourth rental. Dan and I were lucky enough to get a sneak peak into this one. With two bedrooms and a loft for children this makes a great lake getaway. In addition, Gary plans to build a dock across the street on the lake. Kayaks and paddle boats will be included in the rental. On the other hand, if you are staying in one of the other accommodations, this equipment will be available to rent when not in use.

Free standing garage Gary is converting into a beach rental
Located steps from the lake
Sneak preview of the decor
Sea themed bedrooms
Cozy living room
Loft great for kids
Tranquil wall mural
View of the lake

Of course, we think the Star Wars Suite is still the coolest Airbnb.

What to do in the area?

Where the locals eat
Enjoy the view
Can’t get more Florida than this
To die for Jacked up oysters
Peel & eat shrimp with old bay seasoning
Out of this world fish tacos

When Gary’s World overwhelms your senses, branch out into the neighboring area. If you have kids, Legoland is only 10 minutes away. Disney and SeaWorld are about 45 minutes away.

On the other hand, if nature is more your thing, there are numerous lakes in the area. We went jet skiing on Lake Howard. However, you can go kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, or whatever. Also Bok Tower Gardens is a great place to picnic under the trees and enjoy listening to the chimes.

Of course you will get hungry during your stay. We searched Trip Advisor for places to eat and ended up at Old Man Franks. As a result, we feasted on out of this world Jacked up Oysters, peel and eat shrimp, and blackened mahi tacos. Consequently, this was located right across the street from where we went jet skiing so we didn’t even need to drive.

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  1. What a crazy AirBnb stay at Gary’s World in the Star Wars Suite. I love that Gary went all out in his decorations. As a Star Wars fan, my hubby would be in his glory if we stayed there. The bathroom may be a bit over the top for me. What a unique property.

  2. This looks like a truly unique lodging option. I assume that Star Wars fans will get crazy. Although it’s truly wild, I think it would be a bit too much for me. I need a rather minimalistic and tranquil atmosphere to relax and have a sound sleep 🙂

  3. Wow what a unique stay. Even though I am not a fan of Star Wars, the theme looks amazing and the decor looks so colourful and stunning. I would love to go and stay in this AirBnB someday.

  4. I have never used Airbnb services. Your experience seems exciting to me. The Star Wars Suite is truly a unique place to stay, and your photos speak better than any words.

  5. I like starwars – but would not consider myself a hard-core fan. However, the Star Wars suite at Garys World looks like fun. What puts me a bit off, is the fact, that there is so little daylight inside the suite. Everybody looks so ill in this sort of light! But I love the idea of having an accomodation with an electronic dart board!

    1. I love daylight too. But we had morning coffee and evening wine on the balcony overlooking the lake. We spent the day on the lake jetskiing. We were only inside at night when it was dark anyway.

  6. Lisa at Following the Rivera

    This is definitely the coolest Airbnb I have seen! The theatre makes it more unique and my husband would love the Star Wars theme. Very cool indeed!

  7. This place certainly looks like lots of fun – but do you really get a good night’s sleep amidst all this craziness? It looks almost like a themepark 😀 I think I would prefer sleeping in a traditional cozy guesthouse and come here to visit and have fun. But if you are looking for unique, this is definitely one of a kind 😀

  8. Gary’s World seems like a pretty exciting place to stay! Star Wars themed everywhere, even in a toilet, seems to be a crazy AirBnb which gives you a lot of fun!

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure if we are supposed to give out specific addresses from Airbnb. You can find the general area on the map on the listing through AirBNB. If you book, Gary will give you the address directly.

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