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Top 50 Road Trip Trivia: How to pass the time in the car

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We all dread that “Are we there yet?” from the back seat of the car while on a road trip. Similar statements are:

I’m hungry.

I’m bored.

Tommy’s bothering me.

You take a deep breath. After that you sigh. Then you dole out all of the snacks you packed for the entire trip within the first thirty minutes.

Let’s face it, you don’t want your epic trip to fail before you even get to your destination. Of course, living in south Florida means my family has spent hundreds of hours on road trips back and forth to Orlando. Therefore I have developed numerous ways to occupy everyone in the car. Here is a United States road trip trivia I came up with using my son’s Which Way USA magazines from Highlights, as well as ideas from

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Why play road trip trivia?

shows a road through trees

Road trip trivia is fun for all ages because it is based on information geared towards ages 7-12. Your children will learn about the states, which can help them in school. You will also gain interesting knowledge you can use to impress your friends. Plus, you will get cool ideas of places to visit for your next trip.

Make it a contest and set a prize for whoever knows the most road trip trivia in your vehicle. If you are planning a couples’ trip you can also try 60 road trip questions for couples, to enhance your relationship and have fun on those long hours in the car.

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Get ready to play- Fun car trivia trip questions and answers

  • Which state produces delicious maple syrup? Vermont. Until recently they also hosted the Rotten Sneaker Competition. Subsequently, people from around the country would bring their most stinkiest shoes to see if theirs was the smelliest!
  • Which state is home to the Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame? Indiana. (Hello, it’s the capital.)
  • This state hosts a race nicknamed, Run for the Roses. Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville the first Saturday of May each year.
  • In which state can you find an exact replica of the farmhouse used in the original Wizard of Oz? Kansas. The farmhouse is located in the town of Liberal which also is the home to the annual International Pancake Day.
  • This state is the home to the Buffalo Bill Rodeo. Nebraska. The city of North Platte holds this rodeo during the summer to honor the wild west legend Buffalo Bill Cody who lived there.

Additional road trip trivia: Which state has the longest coastline?

Answer: Alaska’s coast goes on for 6640 miles.

  • Which state is home to Crater of Diamonds State Park? Alabama. You can actually mine diamonds at this park located in Murfreesboro. As a result, visitors discover about 600 diamonds each year. The best part is that if you actually find one, you can keep it!
  • In which state can you find the largest man made lake in the U.S.? Nevada. Lake Mead was created when the Hoover Dam was built to control the waters of the Colorado River. When you go there you can visit the dam which is about 70 stories tall!
  • Which state is a favorite with country music fans, blues fans, and was home to Elvis? Tennessee. Head to Nashville for country music and the Grand Ole Opry. Also stop by Graceland, the legendary home of Elvis, just outside Memphis. Once in Memphis, experience blues clubs and the legendary Sun Studio where BB King and Elvis recorded their music.
  • Where did the first flight take place? North Carolina. The Wright brothers took off from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on the first airplane flight in 1903.

Road trip trivia extra: Which U.S. state borders the most other states?

Answer: It’s a tie. Both Tennessee and Missouri each border 8 other states

  • Which state is the home of America’s Stonehenge? New Hampshire. You will find strange circles of rocks in the town of North Salem. Originally called Mystery Hill, the name changed due to its similarity to the larger site in England.
  • Where can you find a national park that is the home to slow moving fields of ice and snow? Montana. 25% of Glacier National Park is made up of actual glaciers.
  • What state is known for white sand beaches, amusement parks, and golf? South Carolina. With that in mind, make sure to book your vacations to Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head far in advance.

Shows a parade float in New Orleans as an answer to a road trip trivia question
  • Time for some excitement. Where should you go to listen to jazz, eat a beignet, sample gumbo, and visit historic plantations? Louisiana. You can also learn how they make those fantastic parade floats at the Mardi Gras museum. Did you know that those floats are so large they are several stories tall and contain bathrooms? When visiting Louisiana make sure to take in a bayou tour as well, and try to spot some alligators.
  • Which state is home to Vicksburg National Military Park, and the Delta Blues Museum? Mississippi. You can also take classic steamboat rides along the Mississippi River.

Road trip trivia extra: What is the longest road trip in Hawaii?

Answer: The Road to Hana, while only 52 miles from Kahului on the island of Maui, takes about 2.5 hours to drive. The road consists of 620 curves through rainforest and traverses over 59 bridges. The majority of bridges are only one lane.

  • Which state housed a leper colony, has active volcanoes, and grows pineapples? Hawaii. At one time, lepers relocated to the island of Molokai to prevent the spread of the disease to others. You can also visit Mt. Kilauea in Volcano National Park on the big island. One of the most active volcanoes on earth, you will witness cracks in the earth filled with red lava. It smells like rotten eggs due to all that sulfur.
  • In what state can you catch a baseball game at Wrigley Field, and visit the largest railroad museum in the country? Illinois. This state is the home to the Chicago Cubs. It was also where Ferris Bueller sang Twist and shout in a parade during the 80’s cult classic.
a saguaro cactus found in Arizona, used as an answer in a road trip trivia game
  • Trek through the Grand Canyon, experience the wonder of Havasu Falls, and witness the saguaro cacti in the Sonoran Desert in this state. Arizona. This state abounds with amazing nature. Don’t miss the Petrified Forest. Then make a stop to see the real London Bridge that retired here in 1965.
  • Do you know where they built the first movie studio in 1911? California. Visit the famous star studded walk of fame outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Similarly, make sure to view the Hollywood sign. Experience the wonders of nature at Yosemite National Park and Death Valley. Then try your hand at panning for gold.

Extra trivia for car rides: What is the longest river in the U.S.

Answer: The Missouri River is 2341 miles, and the Mississippi is a mile shorter at 2340 miles.

  • Which state hosts a tulip festival each year as well as the National Balloon Classic? Iowa. Dutch settlers originally inhabited the area, bringing with them their native tulips. You can also take a scenic tour through the Des Moines River Valley across two tall bridges on the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad.
  • Time for the circus! In which state will you find the Barnum Circus Museum? Connecticut. The circus museum even has a miniature circus on display with hand carved animals. Then journey to a 19th century whaling village at Mystic Seaport. Literature lovers will also want to visit the house of Samuel Clemens, known better as Mark Twain.
  • Which state is known as the gateway to the west? Missouri. The gateway arch was created to symbolize this historic area that pioneers passed through on their migrations to the west. The state also contains over 5000 caves. In Fantastic Caverns, located in Springfield, you can journey down into the caves on a 50 minute tram tour.

How many versions of the American flag have there been?

Answer: 27

  • Where can you go skiing in the Rockies, visit a ghost town, and witness the Garden of the Gods? Colorado. Wind and rain carved these unique granite sculptures. Highlights include the beauty of the 3 Graces and the Kissing Camels.
  • Ride the thrill rides at an amusement park. Visit an aquarium. Play a round of mini golf. Where can you find all these activities in one shopping mall? Minnesota. The Mall of the Americas is a huge complex with much to do. Of course, you can still shop! Minnesota is also home to the folk legend of Paul Bunyon and Babe, his mythical blue ox. Additionally, you can find statues of this pair in several locations around the state.
  • Which state was the first to ratify the constitution? Delaware. Here you can take in the Pretty Animals contest at the state fair in Harrington. Then head to Rehoboth Beach for some fun in the sun.
  • Where did they build the International Peace Garden? North Dakota. The Peace Garden covers 2339 acres of land and celebrates our country’s friendship with Canada. North Dakota is also a leading producer of sunflowers.

Funny trivia: Did you know it is illegal to honk your horn during a fair in Georgia?

  • Where can you see the heads of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt carved into a mountain? South Dakota. Mount Rushmore took from 1927 until 1991 to complete. Make sure to visit the Badlands and Crazy Horse Memorial too. Witness reenactments of old west shootouts in Deadwood. Then check out the Little House on the Prairie in De Smet.
  • Which state has cave dwellings dating back to the 1300s, petroglyphs, and an underground cave system with over 120 known caves? New Mexico. At Carlsbad Caverns National Park you can tour these caves, most of which are subterranean. While visiting this state, make sure to see White Sands National Monument comprised of gypsum sand dunes, some of which are 60 feet high. For extraterrestrial fans, the Museum and Research Center in Roswell will teach them about UFOs.

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Road trip movie trivia: What national monument does Cary Grant climb in North by Northwest?

Answer: In the final moments of the film he climbs Mt. Rushmore located in South Dakota.

  • Which state capital do you need to take a boat or plane to reach? Juneau, Alaska. Due to its location on a glacier, this capital has no roads leading to it. Make sure to visit the Mendenhall Glacier nearby. It covers over 1800 square miles. Another must see activity is Mt. McKinley. Of course, the best view is from an airplane. Because Alaska is so far north, the sun never sets during the summertime.
  • Where is the U. S. Naval Academy located? Maryland. The state is known for its blue crabs. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner here after watching the British flag wave in defeat during the War of 1812. Another important point of interest is the Underground Railroad National Historic Park where you can see where Harriet Tubman grew up as a slave.
  • Which state is composed of 89% forests? Maine. The state boasts the best lobsters and is also home to Stephen King, the horror author.
  • Where can you take a tour through an actual coal mine? West Virginia. Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine still takes people down into the mine in coal cars as a point of interest, even though the mine in no longer active.

Did you know that over 800 languages are spoken in NY?

  • Which state had a volcanic eruption in 1980? Washington. Mt. St. Helens’ eruption sent ash as far as the east coast of the U.S. Visitors to Washington state can also hike up Mt. Rainer, the tallest mountain in the Cascades. You can attend the Salmon River Festival as well.
  • Which state was home to Thomas Edison? New Jersey. Thomas Edison had one of his laboratories in West Orange where he created many of his famous inventions. New Jersey also houses the Great American Railway in Northlandz. Watch 100 model trains chug along 8 miles of track through villages and scenic views. Then head to Atlantic City for a night on the town. This historic spot of gambling, nightlife, and amusement rides inspired the creation of Monopoly.

A picture of the Broadway sign in NYC, another great road trip trivia stop.

  • Whose largest city, originally named New Amsterdam, received a large gift from France? New York. New York was first settled by the Dutch, hence the name New Amsterdam. When the British settlers took over, they renamed the city New York. France gave the U.S. the Statue of Liberty to commemorate working together during the American Revolution.
  • Which state is the home of the first baseball stadium? Pennsylvania. The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburg in 1909. Patriots signed the Declaration of Independence here in 1776. The first daily newspaper was published in 1784. Of course, you will want to visit America’s chocolate capital in Hershey, Pennsylvania. And don’t forget to pay attention to Punxsutawney Phil on February 2nd. Locals believe this ground hog predicts how long winter will last.

Did you know? There are no dinosaur fossils in Florida.

  • In what state can you visit landscape similar to that of the moon? Idaho. Crayer of the Moon National Monument you will view craters that look like a lunar landscape. Idaho provides tons of fun for outdoor enthusiasts as well. Go skiing, soak in hot springs, or go white water rafting down the Snake River.
  • Where can you witness history of the Underground Railroad, see the largest picnic basket, and visit the Amish? Ohio. Visit the Rankin house in the town of Ripley to see one of the stops along the Underground Railroad. This system of safe houses helped slaves escape from the south during the 1800s. Then go to Dresden to view the largest picnic basket. Consequently, at 48 feet long, 11 feet wide, and 23 feet high, it took 2000 hours to make.

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a man paddle boarding in Florida, another road trip trivia spot.
  • Where can you swim with the manatees, chase after dolphins on a paddleboard, and view alligators from an airboat on the slowest moving river in the world? Florida. Head to the beaches for jet skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Further, visit the central part of the state to visit Mickey and Minnie at Disney World, and explore the world of Harry Potter in Universal Studios. Then head to the Everglades for alligators in the wild.
  • Where can you take a ride on the Blue Ridge Railway in the northern part of this state, and visit classic plantation homes in the south. Georgia. Explore Rock City’s Lookout Mountain to view 7 states on a clear day. Experience history by stopping by the birth place of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plus visit the Coca Cola plant where the soda was first invented to treat headaches in 1886.

Which is the longest interstate highway system in the United States?

Answer: Route 90 begins in Boston and goes out to the state of Washington.

  • Where can you find the Sailing Capital of the World, which hosts America’s Cup Yacht Races each year? Rhode Island. Here you will also find summer cottages of the rich and famous. It also houses the Block Island lighthouse, one of the most powerful beacons in the east.
  • What state houses Old Faithful? Wyoming. You will find this geyser in Yellowstone Park. It erupts faithfully every 79 minutes, hence its name. It spews hot water 130 feet in the air. While visiting this state, check out Devil’s Tower. A volcano formed this cone which stands 1267 feet tall.
  • Learn how to make tools, visit craft shops, witness the art of working with silver, and explore fashion before the age of factories in a colonial town in this state. Virginia. Explore Williamsburg for an old fashioned experience. To continue your history tour, stop at Mt. Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington in 1759.
  • Go to this state to honor the Civil Rights Memorial, see the George Washington Carver Museum, and see the sight of the famous bus boycott. Alabama.

Name the five Great Lakes

Answer: Superior, Ontario, Huron, Michigan, Erie

  • If you want to visit a replica of the Mayflower, which state would you stop at during your road trip? Massachusetts. This is also where the first Thanksgiving took place. Are you a runner? Every year, people from all over gather to watch or participate in the famous Boston Marathon. For the more sordid side of American history, visit the town of Salem, where the deadly witch trials took place.
  • Visit a museum on the 6th floor of the book depository building, where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shot that killed President Kennedy. Texas. You can also walk in a space shuttle at NASA. Then tour the USS Lexington, a surviving aircraft carrier from WWII. And remember the Alamo. For something more wacky, check out Cadillac Ranch where a row of cars stick straight up out of the ground. Grab a can of spray paint and add to the graffiti.

Oregon Film Museum
  • In which state can you find a film museum in the town where the classic film Goonies took place? Astoria, Oregon. Also check out Mt. Hood National Forest, which has many hiking spots. Then go on a road trip to witness the numerous scenic drives. After that, visit the famous Crater Lake, a caldera formed by an extinct volcano.
  • Where can you find the longest continuous stretch of the famed Route 66? Oklahoma. Drive by numerous cornfields and make sure to check out at least one of the Route 66 museums.

Road trip trivia pop culture question: Where is the Jackson Five from?

Answer: Gary, Indiana

  • In which state can you find the 1962 crash site of the Soviet Sputnik? Wisconsin. Known for its cheese, this state houses the Mars Cheese Castle. Also check out Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron largest scrap metal sculpture. After that visit the National Mustard Museum. Then try your hand at escaping from a corn maze at Treinen Farm in Middleton.
  • Where is the Henry Ford Museum located? Michigan. Make sure to visit the Automobile Hall of Fame while in Detroit as well. Music lovers will want to check out the Motown Museum. When you want to get away from it all, head to Mackinac Island in Lake Huron. This tiny island is only accessible by ferry and has no cars. During winter you can visit an ice cave in the upper peninsula.

Canyon de Chelley, bucket list road trip destination
  • Which state has over 2000 natural arches formed by erosion? Utah. Natural wonders fill this state. Make sure to add Arches National Park, Zion, Monument Valley, and Canyonlands National Park to your bucket list. Then don’t forget to take a swim in the Great Salt Lake. Salt makes up 27% of the lake causing people to float.

Now tally up those scores to see who won your road trip trivia contest!

Over 206 million people take road trips in the U.S. That is a lot of time spent in a car with others. These road trip trivia questions should pass the time in your vehicle more smoothly. For additional road trip tips read my Road Trip Planning Guide.

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  1. I haven’t heard of Road trip trivia before, but I find it helpful if traveling with children. Their travel time will elapse faster, and they will not be bored and whining. Great to know that it is based on information geared towards ages 7-12.

  2. I can only imagine how difficult it must be sometimes to keep children busy during a road trip. Road trip trivia seems to be a perfect game to entertain the children while learning some interesting facts. As I do not know much about the geography of the US – it was an interesting read for me too.

  3. I remember those days of road trips with our kids when we heard nothing but “are we there yet”. And we had to get inventive to keep the kids entertained. Now when hubby and I travel, we use the road trip time to catch up on long talks we often put off. I can’t let hubby read this list of trivia. He loves to quiz me and I am sure there are many pieces of trivia here that will stick in his mind. I probably would not do very well on a trivia test.

  4. What a great way to pass time while travelling, and it’s educational too. I remember as a kid going on road trips and they seem so long, even for the shortest distances and so games that you can play as a family were always a must for us! Such a great guide for American families to use for their next road trip.

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